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She thought of the women there and their jokes and she smiled, in pity, because they did not have what she had, some one by the name of Angel, who knew how to massage injured feet back to being good for walking and who knew how to lay out clothes for bleaching.

But after a short distance in their resumed walk home, he had stopped to pick up a long twig lying on the ground. She presided over the bath that the girl took, scrubbed her, and soaped her. An offense like that, so soon after all her grief at what Sancho had done, inflamed her into passionate anger, and mouthing a quick curse, she flung the stone in her hand at the cochero on his seat.

The theme is Man versus Nature, even though in this case it is really little girl versus nature. There are not a whole lot of these around. Her mistress was unusually tolerant, and Rosa forgot about the slapping and said to herself this was a day full of luck.

She had stayed with the mistress for over a year now. After telling the children to go to their room, she kept on slapping Vicente until he was brought to the door and he ran away to the shadows. The next day they were so proud and happy with their new pencils.

Sometimes she would sing very loudly, if she felt her mistress was in a good humor and not likely to object. The mother's superego shields her daughter from the incestuous instincts that she thinks Vicente will do. The mother and Vicente met in a neighborhood association meeting, where the mother is the president.


Some dogs chasing each other on the street, she did not notice because the women were praising her for the whiteness of the linen in the basin on her head.

She had been walking alone in the street hurrying to the wine store, and Sancho had met her. He always put his hands over hers when she made a move to pump water.

She wandered about, not stopping at those places where she knew she would be accepted if she tried, her mind full of the injustices she had received and of comparisons between Sancho and Angel. Eventually he takes her to her mistress's home, although she does not discuss the fantasy world she has vreated, and he makes a comment about how many men seem attracted to her.

Rosa looked around to see if the women were still there to look at them but they had gone away. She does not have dirty thoughts inside her mind and she does not think things like what Vicente is doing with her when he asked her to sit on his lap, and embrace and kiss him.

She had worked as a servant all her life; from places to places, usually takes her more about four months of service. She imagined him as different from other men, more gallant, gentler, and her rescuer from her miserable life with her mistress.

Sancho had insisted and they had gone to the store and bought the wine, and then going home, her foot had struck a sharp stone. They were still in the middle of the street. What is the summary of the short story of forever witches by Estrella Alfon.

They looked merely like the zigzags one does draw playfully with any stick, but Rosa, having seen him looking into her dress while she bent over, now became so angry that she swung out and with all her force struck him on the check with her open palm.

The mother also asked the girl to burn the pencils Vicente gave to them so that they would always forget the man and never ever be tattooed on their mind. It only says that the little girl is very innocent, clean and has no sign of dirt with her.

Estrella Alfon

Instead, the man she believed to be her rescuer, was the one who returned her back to her pitiful life. The children are proud of the pencil.

Where before she had been openly angry and secretly pleased, now she was indifferent. This is a story of a humble good-looking house helper named Rosa and her adult infatuation. He reeled from the unexpected blow, and quickly steadied himself while Rosa shot name after name at him. Her dress had a wide, deep neck, and it must have hung away from her body when she bent.

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For me, this symbolizes cleanliness and purity, to take away the pleasure that Vicente seeks with the little girl. He uses the pencils to let the girl be close to him because he knows that she is fond of it. She then realized that she was not in love with the man, that it was merely a feeling to express her gratitude for helping her back then.

In spite of the beatings of her mistress, she stayed with her and continues to do her job. After telling the children to go to their room, she kept on slapping Vicente until he was brought to the door and he ran away to the shadows.

Estrella Alfon's "Servant Girl" is cut from a different cloth. Rosa is a healthy, down to earth female specimen acutely concsious of her own physical attractions, and sharply aware of the ineterest of the two men who circle her like fighting cocks ruffling their feathers at.

First, there is the girl's fantasy about the cochero, whom she conceives as different from other men, more gallant, gentler, and to whom she gives the name "Angel." Besides him, Sancho, her admirer, seems brutish and rude. Servant Girl Title The title is ‘Servant Girl’ which is about a servant girl named Rosa.

Philippine Literature: Servant Girl by Estrella Alfon

In the end, Rosa just accepts her fortune as a miserable servant. Instead, the man she believed to be her rescuer, was the one who returned her back to her pitiful life. Servant Girl - Estrella Alfon.

Uploaded by. Clara Buenconsejo. Love in the 5/5(4). Read ANALYSIS from the story SERVANT GIRL by Gemdelacruz with 5, story is about dreaming brought by infatuation. There is a girl whose name is Ro Reviews: 2. Servant Girl (short story) Influence. Estrella Alfon writes about everyday life, but she captures the details in this dazzling, intense light.

She could write about the ordinary and make it extraordinary. She could write about a day on the farm or a picnic with friends or a poor laundry woman wishing that her life were different because she was. Mar 19,  · Servant Girl by Estrella Alfon; List of Awards; Biography of Estrella Alfon; About Me.

Summary of Magnificence. Tuesday, March 19, by Magnificent Four in. There is couple with a son and a daughter. Their parents have a good job. They go to school. Their mother is a president in their village.

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Servant girl by estrella
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